Kathy Gurchiek

Senior Specialist, B2C Content

Kathy Gurchiek has worked as a reporter, editor, copy editor, managing editor, and freelance writer for various U.S. media outlets. She joined SHRM in 2004, where she covers trends in organization and employee development—coaching, mentoring, certificate programs, internships, apprenticeships,  bootcamps, networking, soft skills, generativeAI as a career-advice tool, tips on developing in-house training videos and creative development initiatives, and reporting on workplace-related federal legislation and hearings.

She also writes about topics relevant to HR students and emerging professionals, such as resume and interview advice, as well as SHRM Foundation initiatives, SHRM reports, preconference newsletter articles, and general assignment topics like the 32-hour workweek, office romance and fun, quirky features.  

Kathy Gurchiek


Columbia College, Chicago, M.A., Journalism

Noteworthy Articles:

Tackling the CPA Shortage in Today's Job Market
This article discusses the critical shortage of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the U.S., driven by retiring Baby Boomers, a declining number of accounting graduates, and a shift of professionals to finance and tech roles. Contributing factors include long working hours, lower pay compared to other business fields, and a lack of diversity in the profession. To address the gap, organizations are using contract workers, offshoring tasks, and investing in educational programs to attract and retain new talent.

'Ghosting' Behavior Baffles HR Pros, Hiring Managers
This article examines the phenomenon of "ghosting" in the hiring process, where candidates or employees abruptly cease communication. This behavior frustrates HR professionals and hiring managers. Contributing factors include a surplus of job opportunities, lack of consequences for ghosting, generational inexperience, and a shift in power dynamics favoring job seekers. HR experts suggest hiring for job fit, adapting communication styles, and setting clear expectations to mitigate ghosting.