People Manager Qualification (PMQ)

87% of Managers Who Use PMQ Say They’re Ready To Confidently Lead

PMQ teaches people managers to empower teams, transform workplaces, and cultivate a high-performing staff. Equally educational and entertaining, PMQ is an experience unlike any other. Invest, and your organization will be on the path to success.

New Research Highlights Manager Impact

Effective People Managers: The Linchpin of Organizational Success

The Numbers Don't Lie. PMQ Has a Big Impact!


of participants say the program is helpful for learning about people management


overall satisfaction rate from those who completed the PMQ


of learners found the PMQ program very engaging


feel they have gained confidence and are now fully equipped to manage a team

The Need Is Real


lost by U.S. organizations in the past five years due to employee turnover


of employees say their manager fails to frequently have honest conversations about work topics

1 in 3

workers say their manager can’t lead a team


of HR professionals’ time is spent addressing problems caused by poor people managers

Designed to build people managers’ skills in the four key areas HR executives say matter most to enterprise success and workplace culture.

  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Situational Judgement

With the SHRM PMQ’s outstanding content and active learning format, you can sharpen your skills in communication, team leadership, performance management and situational judgment—the skills most in demand now. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build and Lead a Team
  • Motivate and Engage Employees
  • Set and Track to Goals
  • Increase Your and Your Team’s Productivity
  • Enable a More Positive, Inclusive and Unified Workplace Culture

Why It Works

It’s a class. It’s a game. It’s skills for life.

PMQ covers performance objectives and behavioral indicators essential for effective people management. Progress is evaluated by showing learners the topics they’ve mastered and areas where they can improve.

The SHRM PMQ breaks the e-learning mold by using entertainment to educate. Like your favorite on-demand series, the SHRM PMQ pulls learners in with engaging characters, scenarios, and workplace challenges.

Woven throughout the episodes are many opportunities to interact with content, problem-solve, make judgment calls, and practice new skills.

From its often-edgy style to its real-world scenarios and nontraditional active learning design, the SHRM PMQ teaches managers the skills they need in ways that help them best learn.

What PMQ Graduates Are Saying:

Other PMQ Graduates:

An 8-Time Award Winner!

2023 learning & development award
2023 future of work award
2022 dei award
2022 leadership development award
2022 learning & development award gold
2022 learning & development award silver
2021 learning award gold
2021 learning award silver

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