HR’s Role in Navigating Political Debates and Triggering Topics

May 03, 2024
Pacific Service Credit Union – Concord HQ, 1355 Willow Way, 1st Floor
Concord, CA 94520

Event Time: 10:00 AM –12:00 PM PT
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Member: $20
Non-Member: $40

Program Description:

Misinformation has intensified political discussions and triggering conversations in the workplace. Contentious and hostile conversations often overshadow diverse opinions and jeopardize inclusive workplace cultures. We'll explore the challenges and solutions of navigating sensitive discussions using hands-on exercises. Attendees will gain a comprehensive guide to establishing respect, setting boundaries, and balancing personal beliefs and a respectful work environment.

Workplace Application:

This presentation equips HR professionals and leaders with tips and tools to skillfully navigate and address triggering topics and political debates in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Strategies to Navigate Complex Conversations: Equip HR professionals and leaders with tools and techniques to manage situations where political discussions veer into uncomfortable or potentially harassing territories.
  2. Understanding the Importance of Respect and Inclusion: Participants will learn about respecting diversity of opinion while ensuring a respectful and inclusive workspace.
  3. Role of HR in Guiding Discussions: Equip managers with the skills to be mindful of their conversations and understand the influence of their authority.
  4. Setting Boundaries: Participants will learn strategies to set clear boundaries, encouraging employees to avoid potentially triggering topics and ensuring no one is forced into uncomfortable discussions.
    Legal Landscape of Political Discussions at Work: An overview of how the First Amendment interacts with private workplaces and the role of the National Labor Relations Act in workplace discussions about wages, hours, or working conditions.

About our Speaker:

Bernadette Jones, SHRM-SCP

Bernadette Jones is a respected and engaging trainer who has developed and presented nationwide workshops and seminars since 2012. Course titles include "Culture-Reset"; “Igniting Intentionally Inclusive Culture™,” which focuses on harassment prevention; and “Respect in the Workplace Starts With Me™,” her signature training.

As a certified human resource professional with over 20 years of HR, leadership and business experience, she has an appreciation for the impact "culture-first" HR initiatives have on an organization’s results as well as the need for simplicity and cost-effectiveness to ensure positive results.

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