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Temporary Assignments Policy

[Company Name] may periodically re-assign employees to other work locations for temporary duty based on business need. The purpose of this policy is to complement [Company Name]'s relocation policy and its business travel policy. Under this policy, temporary assignments are not less than 60 days and not more than 180 days.

Temporary assignments are subject to a written agreement detailing the terms of the assignment and the approximate duration. The distance of the new work location must be greater than 50 miles from the employee's regular work location. If the distance is less than 50 miles, the assignment is handled under the business travel policy.

Allowances during Temporary Assignment


Travel costs to and from the temporary work location by public transportation, personal vehicle or rental car will be reimbursed by [Company Name]. For public transportation, travel arrangements must be made through [Company Name]'s contracted travel service and costs will be paid directly by [Company Name]. For personal vehicle use, reimbursement will be made based on the standard mileage rate of [current IRS rate] per mile. All rental vehicles should be reserved through our contracted travel service.

Costs for return visits to the employee's home location every two weeks during the temporary assignment will be covered.

Per Diem and Lodging

The employee will receive per diem and lodging allowances during the temporary assignment. If known in advance that the duration of the assignment will be for more than three months, arrangements with a corporate apartment provider will be handled through our travel service. If the duration is unknown, the employee will be required to stay at a hotel scheduled through our travel service.

Payment of Expenses

Any expense that is authorized by [Company Name] will be paid through accounts payable. Expenses for lodging, meals and incidental expenses paid by the employee should be submitted weekly to the accounting department for reimbursement.

Tax Considerations

Reasonable expenses incurred due to temporary assignments are considered proper business expenses that can be deducted by the company and are not considered taxable income to the employee. Thus, actual expenses reimbursed to an employee are not subject to federal or state withholding.


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