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Virtual Chapter FAQs

  1. Can our chapter be both a virtual chapter and a brick-and-mortar chapter?
    No, chapters can only be one or the other. Only online schools are eligible to have a virtual chapter. Schools with brick-and-mortar facilities may not charter exclusively as a virtual chapter. However, chapters may incorporate virtual components into their chapter; such as online bulletin boards or webinars. 

  2. Do you have any recommendations for virtual chapters engaging their members? 
    We recommend virtual chapters hold webinars, record them, and post them on their website.

    To keep the conversation going, they should designate someone to moderate postings on their website. We also suggest they link back to the SHRM website and the student programs section as a resource.

  3. Should a student join a virtual chapter at their school or a local chapter at a different school? 
    It depends on the situation. If students are looking for a more active role in the chapter and are willing to travel to other schools, we recommend they reach out to local chapters and ask about joining their chapter. Students can use our online directory to look up contact information for local chapters. 

    Please keep in mind that some chapters may not allow students from other schools to join their chapter, depending on their chapter bylaws, school policies, and whether or not the chapter is open to the idea. If this is the case, students can always join their school’s virtual chapter. 

    If students join a virtual chapter and want more networking opportunities, they can always attend student conferences and reach out local professional chapters about setting up a mentorship and attending meetings.  

  4. What are the requirements for virtual chapters?
    • The student chapter must retain a student chapter advisor at all times.  In situations where an advisor must step down, the chapter must draw upon an established succession plan to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Provide an electronic forum (e.g. bulletin board, Facebook page, Blackboard site, etc.) for communication and discussion among chapter members.
    • Maintain an electronic list of HR internships and entry-level HR jobs for chapter members.
    • Hold at least four educational events per year.
    • Conduct at least two networking events per year. 
    • Provide an opportunity for chapter members to meet face-to-face at least once per year.  (SHRM Regional Student Conferences and the SHRM Annual Conference are recommended opportunities for this interaction).
    • Facilitate opportunities for student members to participate within their local SHRM professional chapters.

    • Are there any additional paperwork requirements chartering virtual chapters need to complete? 
      Yes, virtual chapters must complete the Virtual Chapter Addendum in addition to the other chartering documents.   


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