Matt King

Matt King, M.Ed., is a growing human resource professional interested in strategic organizational development, employee learning and development, and enhancing employee engagement and inclusion. As the Senior Manager of Organizational Development at MBX Biosciences in Carmel, Ind., Matt works closely with the executive leadership team to strengthen companywide communications, refine team dynamics, and enrich the employee experience. With fewer than 40 employees, MBX Biosciences is poised for growth. Matt is pivotal in implementing HR technologies that enable data-driven decisions during the hiring process and bring employee data to life. He is also leading MBX’s innovative "Together Weeks" model, which unites all employees quarterly from across the United States for a week of connecting and collaborating.

His professional career began outside of human resources, where he took on diverse educational roles, including teaching, coordinating after-school programs, coaching at the varsity level, and even driving school buses. Matt’s professional path, although not linear, demonstrates his commitment to supporting individuals and organizations on their developmental journeys.

Before joining MBX, Matt was instrumental in the integration process following Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals’ acquisition of Albireo Pharma, focusing on the transition of employee data and system integrations. After the integration, he continued collaborating with Ipsen’s Global HR team to improve its learning governance processes and the management of its LMS, building on the work he started at Albireo. At Albireo Pharma, he founded the Learning Development Committee, which managed the development of the Learning Management System and other key employee development initiatives.

He is honored and humbled to be a member of the inaugural cohort of the SHRM Foundation’s HR Tomorrow Leadership Program, a fantastic opportunity that he will take full advantage of.

Matt’s educational background is the backbone of his professional success and includes a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor of Arts from The Honors Program at College of the Holy Cross.

Matt King