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N.Y. Governor Signs State Pay Disclosure Law

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​Employers in New York state will be required to disclose salary ranges for advertised jobs and promotions under a law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Dec. 21. Hochul said the disclosures required by the law will "empower workers with critical information, reduce discriminatory wage-setting and hiring practices, and help level the playing field for all workers."

The law takes effect in September 2023.

We've rounded up articles from SHRM Online to provide more context on the news.

Pay Transparency Measures

The law requires employers with four or more employees to disclose the compensation or compensation range in an advertisement for a job, promotion or transfer opportunity. The law requires disclosure of a job description, if one exists, and that the range be set in good faith. It covers positions that will be physically performed in New York as well as positions that may be performed out of state but that report to a New York employer.

(New York State)

Steps to Comply

There are several actions employers can take to prepare for the law, including assessing compensation policies, determining pay ranges for all positions, reviewing existing job-posting templates; training HR, recruiters and hiring managers on the implications of the disclosure obligation; and conducting a pay equity audit to make sure there are no significant existing salary discrepancies.

(SHRM Online)

NYC Employers Adapt to Pay Transparency Law

A similar law took effect for New York City employers in November. Since then, some employers have tried to skirt around the law, publishing salary spreads that were too broad to be useful to job seekers.  

(SHRM Online)

The Pay Transparency Movement Grows

A growing number of employees want their companies to be more open about compensation, and lawmakers and employers are responding.

(SHRM Online)

Pay Transparency Reduces Recruiting Costs

For years, polls have shown that job seekers want to see what a job pays before they apply. A new report has found that advertising pay ranges in job postings—specifically in the title—also cuts recruiting costs.

(SHRM Online)


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