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Possible Federal Government Shutdown

Editor's Note: Congress passed legislation to fund the federal government and President Joe Biden signed it just before midnight Sept. 30. The measure will keep the government open through Nov. 17, 2023.

If a government shutdown occurs Nov. 17, it will have wide-reaching impacts on everything from national parks (the Department of the Interior said it plans to close the majority of national parks and monuments to the public during a shutdown) to air travel (disruptions and slower service are expected as thousands of air traffic controllers and Transportation Security Administration personnel will have to work without pay, which may mean many will call out from work to find other ways of making money).
What Happens to Pay, Benefits During the Government Shutdown?
SHRM | Nov 2023

HR Issues

Your 2023 Government Shutdown Playbook: An Essential Guide For Employers
Fisher Phillips | Nov 2023

Potential Government Shutdown: Immigration Consequences for Employers and their Foreign Employees
Seyfarth | Sep 2023

10 Questions About Furloughed Employees Answered
SHRM | Sep 2023

How to Handle FMLA Leave During a Government Shutdown
SHRM | Oct 2023

McDermott | Sep 2023

Work Furloughs Resulting From A Government Shutdown: How Should Employers Pay Employees?
Brown Rudnick | Sep 2023

Specific Agencies/Services

Federal Government Shutdown Would Significantly Impact United States Department of Labor Enforcement Activities, OSHA Cases
Seyfarth | Nov 2023

Government Shutdown to Halt Activities of Federal Labor and Employment Agencies
Ogletree | Sep 2023

What Happens to the Immigration Agencies When the Government Shuts Down?
Jackson Lewis | Sep 2023

Expected Effect Of Government Shutdown On The U.S. Immigration System
Klasko | Sep 2023

Government Contractors

Government Shutdown in 4 Days: What Contractors Need to Know
Dunlap | Nov 2023

US Government Shutdown Averted – For Now: Action Items for Government Contractors
White & Case | Oct 2023

With a Government Shutdown Looming, What Actions can Federal Government Contractors Take?
Womble | Sep 2023

Here We Go Again – Working Through a Government Shutdown
Jenner | Sep 2023

A Contractor's Guide to the Impending Government Shutdown
Holland & Knight | Sep 2023

The Impending Government Shutdown: What Contractors Can Do to Protect Themselves
Miles | Sep 2023

What Contractors Need to Know About a Government Shutdown
Wiley | Sep 2023

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