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Develop Workforce Strategies for a New Reality

SHRM collaborated with the Burning Glass Institute to conduct an in-depth analysis of the effects of generative AI on the workforce. Take a deep dive into the economic and business implications of AI and develop the foresight and expertise necessary to anticipate and navigate them wisely.

Workplace AI Resources

On March 13, the European Parliament approved the EU AI Act, putting the European Union at the forefront of governing the burgeoning technology.

The benefits of generative AI tools like ChatGPT have been chronicled at length by the media, technology vendors and conference presenters. But how do these tools really stack up when HR professionals put them to the test in their daily tasks and projects?

A first-of-its-kind partnership between Microsoft and the AFL-CIO will involve union members in AI development, train workers on AI and advocate for pro-worker policies.

While generative AI can help individual workers work faster, those results don't always scale to increased productivity for the whole organization, researchers have found. In some cases, genAI slows workers down.

Artificial intelligence refers to computers or computer-controlled machines that can simulate human intelligence in various ways.

The goal of this report, a collaborative effort between The Burning Glass Institute and SHRM, is to enable CHROs and other business leaders to anticipate the repercussions of generative artificial intelligence and develop workforce strategies for a new reality.

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Master Technology to Supercharge Your HR Career

In collaboration with SHRM, the Caltech Advanced Technology Credential provides vital insights and hands-on training in areas crucial to modern HR professionals. This program offers comprehensive courses on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Systems Thinking, and Cloud Computing.

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A host of existing laws already apply to regulate artificial intelligence, so HR professionals need to be sure to coordinate compliance, said an attorney at SHRM’s Talent 2024 conference.

Employers are thinking about using artificial intelligence to recommend health plans, improve member access to care and nudge employees to use their benefits. But concerns remain about accuracy and privacy.

The Office of Management and Budget published a new governmentwide policy on AI to limit its risks. Explore what this could mean for the future of artificial intelligence in business.

Explore how the UN’s AI resolution will shape ethical use of artificial intelligence, offering important insights for businesses on navigating technology responsibly.

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) will usher in big changes to the world of work, and the biggest impact will be on highly skilled, professional workers, according to new research released by SHRM.

Black workers in the U.S. have made significant strides in their careers, but the industries in which many of them work are forecasted to be overtaken by AI and automation. Here are some ways HR can help employees of color overcome this challenge.

Employees are eager to use AI, and many employers are meeting their enthusiasm. From launching in-house tools to trying out an array of third-party solutions, workers are putting AI through its paces.

One area where generative AI (GenAI) has moved beyond its considerable hype to having real impact on the daily work of HR professionals is in the use of engagement surveys.