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Learn how artificial intelligence, social media, cybersecurity and more are changing the way HR works.

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) will usher in big changes to the world of work, and the biggest impact will be on highly skilled, professional workers, according to new research released by SHRM.

Employees are eager to use AI, and many employers are meeting their enthusiasm. From launching in-house tools to trying out an array of third-party solutions, workers are putting AI through its paces.

The use of generative AI is sweeping across college campuses, and some business schools are starting to teach GenAI skills in the classroom. That’s something for employers to keep in mind as they look for job candidates with those skills.

Much of the conflict in workplaces plays out over email and text, often due to misunderstandings about tone and intent of the communications. Experts offer tips on keeping email messages civil and understandable.

Organizations and their HR leaders can use technology to personalize many aspects of the employee experience—from learning and development to benefits allocation and work hours. That can offer big payoff, but it can also result in missteps.

As ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools make headlines and their use continues to grow, HR is feeling the impact.

HR professionals around the country are turning to artificial intelligence tools to help them do their jobs. AI has boosted productivity and efficiency and freed up time for strategic work.

No business is immune to the risk of failing to handle and protect employee data appropriately—and being held liable for it.

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How Is AI Revolutionizing HR?

Incorporating AI is no longer an option—it's essential. Understand how this invaluable technology changes how you work and stay at the forefront of its impact on HR through tools, policies, resources and educational opportunities.

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