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Learn how artificial intelligence, social media, cybersecurity and more are changing the way HR works.

The widespread rollout of generative artificial intelligence tools has led to an explosive growth in the use of AI technology in the workplace. And while the tech presents a number of opportunities for HR, it also poses a number of challenges.

California state lawmakers are considering over 30 bills that address various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), from employment to privacy. These initiatives could set precedents for national AI policy.

The European Parliament's approval of the EU AI Act imposes new regulations on how employers use AI. These regulations are set to affect businesses both in and outside of Europe, especially regarding AI applications such as emotional recognition systems.

Learn how a New York City government's AI chatbot provided false information regarding employment law, and the implications of AI's integration into HR functions.

Natural language processing (NLP) technology is realigning the way HR departments understand and manage employee sentiment, offering real-time data to proactively address workplace issues.

Federal government agencies have committed to protecting the public from unlawful bias when artificial intelligence (AI) and other automated systems are used in the workplace. Their action follows executive orders and policies from President Biden and his administration that aim to direct the evolution of AI.

Learn how Marsh McLennan successfully boosts staff well-being with digital tools, improving productivity and work satisfaction for more than 20,000 employees.

Explore tech's role in tackling toxicity at work, enhancing HR's efficacy, and promoting a culture of respect and inclusion.

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How Is AI Revolutionizing HR?

Incorporating AI is no longer an option—it's essential. Understand how this invaluable technology changes how you work and stay at the forefront of its impact on HR through tools, policies, resources and educational opportunities.

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A sample policy to comply with the federal TikTok application ban for federal contractors.

Understand how artificial intelligence is being used in the workplace and the issues employers should be aware of.

This article discusses the design and implementation of human resource information systems (HRIS). It addresses trends in technology, planning and design considerations, and vendor and software selection.