Employee Benefits Survey

Employee Benefits

The SHRM Employee Benefits Survey returns with new insights for 2023.

Developing Talent, Driving Success

Professional development continues to be an area of emphasis for organizations in 2023. As inflation and financial uncertainty drive workers to explore new opportunities, organizations are developing and shaping employees’ skills and opportunities to drive business success.

Continue below to explore professional development benefits and what organizations like yours are offering.

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Training & Development Opportunities

Organizations are continuing their commitment to training and development. Although the prevalence of many development-related benefits remained steady between 2022 and 2023, formal training provided or paid for by an employer to help an employee develop new skills reached its highest prevalence in more than five years.


Formal Training to Keep Skills Current

Formal Training to Develop New Skills

Professional Memberships

Executive or Leadership Coaching

Formal Mentoring

Education Assistance


Undergrad or Graduate Tuition Assistance


Student Loan Repayment Assistance


Average Maximum Education Assistance

Nearly half (48%) of surveyed organizations offer tuition assistance, while those that offer company-provided student loan repayment increased slightly to 8%. As the federal government debates student loan debt relief, organizations may be waiting on the final outcome before deciding whether to increase education assistance benefits. Organizations that offer financial assistance provided employees with an average of $4,764—short of the maximum amount of $5,250 that employees can receive tax-free and below the 2022 average of $5,070.