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2024 Employee Benefits


Keeping Benefits Packages Competitive

The SHRM Employee Benefits Survey returns with new insights for 2024, headlined by modern additions and updated definitions across a wide berth of potential benefits offerings. Evolving upon nearly 30 years of employee benefits research, this comprehensive annual survey of HR professionals captures the prevalence across the spectrum of various employee benefits and perks provided by organizations.

A competitive job market comes with a need for organizations to provide equally competitive benefits offerings. As organizations face labor shortages, those who adapt their total compensation and benefits packages with creative and modern offerings put themselves in better positions to attract and retain talent. The goal of the SHRM Employee Benefits Survey is to gain an accurate representation of benefits offerings throughout the United States. SHRM members can use the findings to discover and benchmark the benefits changes organizations have implemented. With the inclusion of even more items in 2024—as well as new research diving into the average vacation, sick, and PTO days granted by employers—SHRM hopes to provide an even more comprehensive picture of the employee benefits landscape than ever before.

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Interactive Tool

See How Your Benefits Stack Up

To help you compare your organization’s benefits against those surveyed, we’ve provided an online, interactive benchmarking tool. The power is in your hands to explore results for the last five year and to filter results according to your organization’s industry, size and location.  Do you work in health care in California? Results are available specifically for an organization like yours. What about a medium-sized trucking company in the South? Yep, results are available for that as well.*

This tool not only equips you to see the overall results of the SHRM Employee Benefits Survey, but also allows you to call up custom-filtered results any time you need them. You can also export the results for later reference.

We’re excited to share these results and equip you with the information to help you build better workplaces. Select any of the benefits categories on the navigation bar to get started.

*For confidentiality purposes, a minimum of five responses is required to show filtered results. For filters resulting in 5-19 responses, results will display with an asterisk to denote a low response count.

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