New LinkedIn Feature Aims to Help Recruiters Reduce Bias When Sourcing

Roy Maurer By Roy Maurer August 12, 2021

​LinkedIn has introduced a new option for recruiters to mitigate bias when sourcing the professional network for talent.

We've rounded up resources and articles from SHRM Online to provide context.

Hiding Names and Photos

Talent acquisition professionals using the LinkedIn Recruiter product can now choose to have names and pictures of potential candidates hidden when sourcing the site.

When toggled on, an avatar will replace the candidate's photo and four randomly generated letters will replace the candidate's name. With photos and names hidden, recruiters can focus on candidates' qualifications and skills.

"We know that qualified candidates may be overlooked due to unconscious bias as recruiters can unintentionally use names and photos to evaluate qualifications for a role," said Hari Srinivasan, vice president of product for LinkedIn.


DE&I Reviews

Employer review site Glassdoor last year introduced the option to rate organizations based on workers' satisfaction with diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).

Based on a five-point scale, the rating will appear alongside ratings on compensation and benefits, career opportunities, culture and values, the effectiveness of senior management, and work/life balance. Ratings are based on at least 75 reviews.

(SHRM Online)

SHRM Resource Spotlight
Overcoming Workplace Bias

8 Diversity Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Employers are re-evaluating workplace diversity at their organizations, starting with being more thoughtful about recruiting from a broader range of talent. Areas to reconsider include GPA requirements, interview technology and technical assessments.

(SHRM Online)

How to Diversify Your Recruitment Sources

One of the first steps companies can take to meet diversity, equity and inclusion commitments is reviewing how their recruiting and hiring is done—from how job advertisements are written to which candidate sources are mined for talent and which recruitment partners are chosen.

(SHRM Online)

Does Hiring for 'Culture Fit' Perpetuate Bias?

Two HR experts debate the issue of hiring bias hiding beneath the cloak of company culture.

(SHRM Online)

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