Alexander Alonso, Ph.D, SHRM-SCP

Chief Data & Insights Officer at SHRM

Alexander Alonso, Ph.D, SHRM-SCP, is SHRM's Chief Data & Insights Officer leading intelligence, insights, and innovation function. As leader of SHRM’s Research & Insights business units, his total career portfolio has been based upon practical thought leadership designed to make better workplaces and to grow revenue across industry.

Alonso’s thought leadership has been recognized through various bodies including as an inaugural member of SHRM’s Blue-Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity in the Workplace, a coalition designed to foster equitable and inclusive cultures. His research has been featured in numerous media outlets including USA Today, NBC News, BBC, CNN, and more. He has served as a member of several speaker’s bureaus with more than 400 speaking engagements over the last decade.

His works have been recognized for their contribution to real-world human capital issues. They include being recognized with the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP’s) 2007 M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace for developing the federal standard for learning and development of healthcare providers; a 2009 Presidential Citation for Innovative Practice by the American Psychological Association for designing performance management systems; and the 2013 SIOP Distinguished Early Career Contributions for Practice Award for extensive applied research on the link between human resource management and organizational sustainability.

Throughout his career, he has published works in peer-reviewed journals, authored several chapters on community-based change initiatives in workforce readiness, and authored books like The Price of Pettiness, Talking Taboo: Making the Most of Polarizing Topics (just released), and Defining HR Success: A Guide to the SHRM Competency Model in Practice. Alex also serves as a columnist analyzing major trends in the workforce for TIP and HR Magazine. He has served on several professional society boards including as president for the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington Area. Alex currently serves on the Secretary of Defense’s Defense Business Board (DBB), the North American HR management Association (NAHRMA) board, and the Zeal Capital Advisory board. He is a Fellow of SIOP, Division 14 of the American Psychological Association.


The Future of Work is Now: Establishing a Proactive vs. Reactive Workforce

The landscape of work is rapidly evolving and we can no longer discuss the future of work as if it’s simply approaching—it's here. In The Future of Work is Now, Dr. Alex Alonso, Chief Knowledge Officer at SHRM, equips you with the latest workforce research and a roadmap for creating a workplace environment where your employees handle shifting realities in a way that’s proactive instead of  reactive. He’ll not only define a proactive workforce but will also explore the dynamic role AI-enabled tools and other data can have in creating a proactive workforce. You’ll discover how these tools not only bridge skill gaps but also foster inclusive opportunities for professional development, diversify talent pools, and strategically position your organization for success.

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