Bryttani Graddick

Founder & CEO of Talented Teams Consulting, LLC

Bryttani Graddick

Bryttani Graddick is an accomplished HR professional with a heart to serve others. Through Talented Teams Consulting, she works with early-career HR professionals to build their credibility and knowledge.

She started her HR career as an unpaid intern and currently serves as VP of Administration & Human Resources in the credit union industry. In her executive role, she leads HR, compliance, and training/development. As a lifelong learner, she understands the importance of building skills and knowledge so that you can prepare yourself for a fruitful career and so that you can positively impact those around you.

She earned her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Mercer University, her Master’s of Business Administration from Georgia College & State University, and is actively involved in her local SHRM Chapter. Bryttani consistently seeks opportunities to connect with others to learn and develop new ideas.