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Unlock HR Excellence Locally and Nationally

Gain access to a vast network of HR professionals, exclusive events, and resources to help you advance your career by combining local and national SHRM membership.

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    Exclusive Access to Resources

    Enjoy exclusive access to a wealth of resources, such as research papers, whitepapers, toolkits, and publications from both national and local chapters, enhancing your HR knowledge and skills.

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    Comprehensive Networking Opportunities

    Connect with HR professionals at both the local and national levels, expanding your network to access a wider range of contacts, mentors, and potential career opportunities.

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    Diverse Professional Development Programs

    Benefit from a combination of national-level conferences, webinars, and workshops, as well as localized events tailored to your region's specific HR needs, ensuring a well-rounded professional development experience.

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    Knowledge Sharing & Best Practices

    Gain insights and stay updated on the latest HR trends, best practices, and industry-specific knowledge from both local HR experts and national thought leaders, fostering continuous learning and growth.