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SHRM Certification

For Educators

Prepare your HR students to meet the needs of today’s challenging business landscape by aligning your HR program with SHRM’s recommended curriculum guidelines. Based on extensive research, SHRM’s HR guidelines help bridge the gap between academic excellence and business readiness.

Why Align Your HR Program With SHRM?

Increased Program Exposure

Have your school listed in the SHRM HR Program Directory, a resource widely used by prospective HR students.

Expanded SHRM Partnership Offerings

Receive complimentary status in SHRM’s Recertification Provider Program, which allows you to award professional development credits for programs or degree courses offered to SHRM Certification credential holders seeking to maintain their credential.

Extended Business Opportunities    

Be provided with the opportunity to apply to become a SHRM Education Partner and offer SHRM Certification Preparation courses as an additional revenue stream for your school.

Enhanced Student Career Development

Give students enrolled in your HR program the opportunity to earn a SHRM-CP credential under SHRM’s Eligibility Program, thereby providing them with a career advantage as they enter the job market.

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Participation Requirements

SHRM offers its alignment review service free of charge to colleges and universities interested in aligning their undergraduate or graduate HR degree program(s) with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidelines. To qualify, the program must contain curriculum content that covers the following areas:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Employment Law
  • Strategy
  • Training and Development
  • Workforce Planning
HR Academic Program Directory
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Includes HR- and HR-related undergraduate and graduate degree programs that align with SHRM’s Human Resource Curriculum Guidelines.

HR Curriculum Guidebook
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Provided free of charge to academic institutions seeking quality HR content to supplement or enhance their HR curriculum. The guide provides an overview of SHRM’s extensive research in the area of HR education and defines the minimum HR content areas that should be included in an HR degree program.

Teaching Resources
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SHRM is committed to empowering HR faculty with the proper tools and resources needed to create better-prepared entry-level HR professionals through instruction for HR students. Courses and case study content is available free of charge to faculty members in aligned and non-aligned programs who are active SHRM members.