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Terms of Use for Students

By clicking below, I agree to the following statements and to abide by the following terms and conditions of use for SHRM’s Resources for HR Educators.

  • I warrant that I am a student at an accredited college or university (“university”) and shall use SHRM’s Resources for HR Educators only in my capacity as a student: (a) in a university classroom environment, (b) for study purposes for university-level coursework as assigned by my professor(s), or (c) to prepare for the SHRM Regional Case Competitions.
  • I acknowledge that these materials are copyrighted by SHRM and that a license is hereby granted by SHRM for their use by me exclusively in university classroom environments (e.g., a physical classroom or online/virtual/blended classroom), for study purposes for university-level coursework as assigned by my professor, or in SHRM Regional Case Competitions.
  • I understand that using these resources for any other purpose, including commercial applications for financial gain―personally, for my university or for a business enterprise independent of my university affiliation―constitutes a violation of these Terms of Use and of SHRM’s intellectual property rights.
  • I agree to duplicate only one copy of the student-specific materials for my own individual use.I will not photocopy multiple copies for use by other students or anyone else, or otherwise reproduce the materials in electronic or any other format for use by any other person without prior permission from SHRM.
  • In the event that my use of the materials exceeds this license, in addition to any other remedies that SHRM may have at law or in equity, SHRM shall have the right to be paid by me for such use.
  • I understand that the materials for students are clearly marked as such, and I agree to access and use only the materials for students. I further agree not to pursue any means to view materials intended for faculty and instructor use, including any instructor manuals that include answer keys to problems presented in these materials. I understand that doing so not only violates these Terms of Use and SHRM’s intellectual property rights, but also constitutes violation of the Honor Code of my university.
  • I understand that although these materials currently are made available free of charge to students for the purposes and uses listed above within their own institution, in the future, SHRM may find it necessary to charge fees for these resources in order to sustain the program and develop new academic resources.

I Agree to These Terms and Conditions


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