student marketing toolkit

Student Marketing Toolkit

The SHRM Student marketing toolkit is a creative resource available to SHRM student members and official SHRM student chapters. The toolkit provides you with official brand colors, logos, templates and marketing assets to provide cohesive chapter marketing. This resource is designed to assist you with promotion, recruitment, and retention.

Brand Identity

Trademarks and Licensing

Proper use of registered marks and images as well as copyrighted information is extremely important. Intellectual property owned by organizations or individuals should never be used without their express permission.

Use and Misuse of SHRM Marks

Chapters and state councils (SHRM affiliates) in good standing are licensed by their charter to use only the marks set out in these guidelines. To preserve SHRM’s rights in its marks, the law requires that the marks must be used on goods and in association with services of a nature and quality which SHRM has approved. Your use of the marks on promotional materials to illustrate the association between you and SHRM is approved only if used in accordance with these guidelines. Intentional misuse of any SHRM marks could result in disaffiliation from SHRM. To protect its marks, SHRM may require you to stop using one or more of them. While this is unlikely, by using the marks under this license, you agree to cease your use upon SHRM’s request.

SHRM allows its affiliates, including chapters and state councils, to use by license the SHRM name, acronym, and Affiliate of logo, if certain guidelines are followed. SHRM chapters and state councils may, by license from SHRM under their charter:

  1. Include the “Society for Human Resource Management” name or the “SHRM” acronym in the chapter or state council name in a manner which indicates their chapter or state council affiliation.
  2. Use the “Society for Human Resource Management” name, the “SHRM” acronym, and the SHRM Affiliate of logo solely to indicate that they are a chapter, state council or Affiliate of SHRM.
  3. Chapters and state councils may not use the “Society for Human Resource Management” name, the “SHRM” acronym, or the SHRM Affiliate of logo in an independent manner which fails to indicate such chapter, state council or affiliate status.

In addition, local chapters and state councils are required to prominently display the Affiliate of logo to indicate their affiliation with SHRM on all chapter and state council communication pieces. Chapters and state councils also may not license any SHRM marks without express permission from SHRM. Chapters and state councils may not register any of the SHRM trademarks or any marks which have all or any portion of a SHRM trademark in it.

Logo Usage

In using the Affiliate of logo, chapters and state councils:

  1. Cannot modify the logo in any way, shape or form.
  2. Cannot create a new chapter logo designed to look like the SHRM logo.
  3. Cannot create another logo around it.
  4. The trademark symbol, (TM), must appear in the upper right-hand corner next to the logo.

Brand Voice

SHRM is the voice of all things work, workers and the workplace. We are shaping the way employers and employees thrive together. Developing focused communications that let our distinctive traits shine through depends on achieving the right tone.

That means writing purposefully, without extraneous words or punctuation. We use exclamation points sparingly, as overuse dilutes the seriousness of our mission and vision. We also use natural language that’s inclusive and easy to understand.


The SHRM Block logo, tagline logo, Pursue Your Purpose logo and Affiliate logo are an official set of visual symbols the form the official SHRM brand.

Logo Guidelines

The SHRM and Pursue Your Purpose logos may be used by affiliates of SHRM accompanied by their own chapter logos on digital, video and print creative. Be aware, all logos and the use of “SHRM” is an official trademark of the Society for Human Resource Management.

SHRM Logo black and white
SHRM Logo color
pursue your purpose black horizontal
pursue your purpose white horizontal
pursue your purpose pink horizontal
pursue your purpose black stacked
pursue your purpose white stacked
pursue your purpose pink stacked
career compass black
career compass white
career compass pink

Color Palette

Primary Colors
sky blue

Sky Blue



sky blue

SHRM Dark Blue

green ash

Green Ash



shrm medium blue

SHRM Medium Blue





SHRM bright blue

SHRM Bright Blue