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HR Enables Business Survival and Growth

Seeking the best possible outcome at work led to my pursuit of a SHRM credential

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​HR is as influential as finance, sales and marketing, IT, and strategy to the success of a company. Each business function is driven by people, after all. Recently, companies measuring their survival and growth have adopted the economics of HR, appreciating the value of their people as human capital. These companies realize that by valuing people within an environment of diversity and inclusion, complementary and intangible resources become available, which fuel the diverse needs of the business.

This is "business HR." It contrasts with the functional areas of HR, such as recruitment and compensation. My involvement with the former inspired me to pursue SHRM certification. Earning my SHRM-SCP credential in 2016 solidified my status in my former roles as a chief HR officer and chief learning officer. In my current capacity as a coach, trainer and consultant, my SHRM-SCP gives me added confidence to advise business owners and their boards in strategic and operational people-driven business initiatives.

People-Driven Business Initiatives 

As part of my efforts to help businesses implement these initiatives, I advised a large manufacturer seeking to improve its culture and operations to include a diverse group of people in its endeavor. The result was a doubling of the plant's daily output without added capital expenditures (save product-variable costs). In another engagement, I advised a company seeking to improve its sales to implement a strategy that included a diverse group of people. Sales began to increase several times over, without added staff or increased operating expenses. 

Ideas for people-driven business initiatives can come from everywhere—not just top management—and should be given due consideration and attention, from conception through execution. 

Certification Is Worth the Investment 

Becoming SHRM-certified was surely worth the investment of time and money. I feel that my SHRM-SCP was instrumental in helping me achieve professional recognition from CHRO Asia as one of the "100 Most Influential Global HR Practitioners," an honor awarded during the 2016 World HRD Congress in Mumbai. Learning to apply HR knowledge and competencies together has given me firm ground to stand on as I lead people-driven business initiatives—even with 36 years of experience in organizational transformation and people development for business growth. 

My learning has not stopped with my SHRM-SCP certification. Being a credential-holder has opened opportunities to network globally with my fellow certified practitioners and their widely varied experiences as highly qualified professionals. Membership in SHRM has given me access to the organization's countless resources: continuing education, information library, daily updates, webinars and more. SHRM also provides support and communication, with staff taking the time to answer questions to meet our needs. The organization continues to reinvent itself for the benefit of the HR profession, individual HR professionals, and those we serve or work for.

Efren L. Elane, SHRM-SCP, is a coach, trainer and consultant based in Manila, Philippines. He is former chief administrative officer for P. J. Lhullier Inc., and former country HR director for Hi-Eisai Pharmaceutical Inc., both in Makati City, metro Manila. He has been a SHRM volunteer subject matter expert since 2016.


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