Employee Benefits Survey

Employee Benefits

The SHRM Employee Benefits Survey returns with new insights for 2023.

Empowering Caregivers, Enriching Lives

Balancing caregiving responsibilities with work has always been a challenge, and in the current economic climate, doing so has become increasingly difficult. The rising cost of living is making it harder for families to afford quality care for their loved ones while also meeting their financial obligations. Many organizations are recognizing the importance of supporting employees’ caregiving needs as a strategic way to attract top talent. Given the necessity of child care, as well as the growing number of workers caring for aging parents, employers that prioritize caregiving benefits as part of their overall employee benefits package may be better positioned in the current competitive job market.

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Family Services Benefits

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
Bring Child to Work in Emergency
Child Care Referral Service
Elder Care Referral Service

Pet Health Insurance

The prevalence of pet health insurance expanded in 2023 with almost one in five organizations (19%) now offering this benefit, up from 14% in 2022. This could be due to several factors. Pet ownership surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people sought the companionship and comfort of pets during lockdowns. As a result, pets have become an integral part of more people’s lives, and businesses have recognized the link between pet ownership and employee well-being. Pet health insurance as part of a benefits package helps alleviate the cost burden of caring for pets in an inflationary economy while serving as an attractive benefit that can help retain top talent.

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