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Investigation Questions for Accuser

Date: _____________________

Name of complainant: ________________________________

Name of investigator: _____________________________ 


  • Thank the employee for their time & cooperation.
  • Address the nature of what is being investigated.
  • Explain that the matter under investigation is serious and the company has a commitment/obligation to investigate the claim.
  • Explain that no conclusion will be made until all of the facts have been gathered and analyzed.
  • State that any attempt to influence the outcome of the investigation by retaliating against anyone who participates, providing false information or failing to be forthcoming can be the basis for corrective action up to and including termination.


Who committed the alleged inappropriate behavior?


What exactly happened?


When did the incident occur or is it ongoing?


Where did the incident occur?


How did you react?


Did you indicate to the accused that you were offended or somehow displeased at the time of the incident? 


Who else may have seen or heard the incident?


Have you discussed the incident with anyone?


Do you know whether anyone else has complained about similar incidents involving this same person? If yes, who? 


How has the incident affected you and your job?


Did you seek any medical treatment or counseling as a result of the incident?


Are there any notes, physical evidence or other documentation regarding the incident(s)? 


Is there anyone else who may have relevant information? 


Do you have any other relevant information?


When did you first learn of the company's anti-harassment and EEO Policy? (If not aware, provide a written copy of the policy and note below).


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