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Making HR Tech Easy

​Work tech expert Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP, makes complex HR technology understandable for all HR professionals, because having a high competency in HR technology is critical to moving your HR career forward.

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The reason most HR technology is not built for SMBs is simple economics.

If you are an HR or talent acquisition leader, the biggest budget purchase you'll most likely ever make in your position is technology.

AI chatbots that can answer questions like a human will most likely change work in both significant and minor ways in the near future.

On March 7-8, I'll be in San Francisco attending and speaking at the SHRMTech 2023 conference. I'll be discussing the most disruptive technologies impacting all functions of HR today and in the near future.

There's a fundamental problem with applicant tracking systems. It's not that they don't work. They work very well for the process they were designed to accomplish. What modern ATSs are not designed to do well is process high-volume hourly applicants.