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SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel FAQ

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What is the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel?

The SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel is a diverse group of HR professionals who represent U.S. organizations and the HR profession by serving as the voice of all things work, workers, and workplace. Panel members participate in research surveys and are rewarded for providing their insights, thoughts, and opinions, to help SHRM and others understand important topics and trends in the world of work.

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Invitations and Eligibility

How do I join the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel? 

Currently, panel membership is by invitation only. If you received an email invitation, you could find out if you qualify to join by using the link provided in your invitation email to complete the panel qualification survey. If you haven’t received an invitation to join the panel and would like to be included, please ensure your contact and profile information is updated with SHRM and look for future emails from us in the event that we expand our panel. To update your information, please log in at and select My Account under your name in the top right corner; then select My Profile on the left side of the page.

Who is invited to become a member of the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel? 

Invitations to join are distributed based on specifically targeted research parameters that help us ensure the panel is representative of U.S. HR professionals. If you were not invited or did not qualify to join at this time, we may reach out to you in the future if we broaden our panel criteria.

How do I recognize survey invitations? 

Survey invitations will come from You may also use this email address to reach a SHRM employee if you have questions or need assistance. We suggest you add this email address to your contacts/address book to ensure that you receive future panel communications and survey invitations.


Panel Member Experience

What is expected of a SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel member? 

As a panel member, you'll serve as the voice of all things work. You will be invited to complete surveys and share your insights, thoughts, and opinions about relevant and timely work and employment topics on a regular basis. Occasionally, you may be invited to participate in additional activities, such as focus groups.

  • Your participation is voluntary – you choose whether to participate in each survey you receive. We encourage you to complete as many surveys as possible in order to give us your insights, thoughts and opinions about work and employment topics.

What are the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel surveys about? 

The surveys you’ll receive will cover a variety of topics facing workers, HR professionals, and organizations in the world of work. Examples of past SHRM research survey topics include remote work, Roe v. Wade, addressing and closing the skills gap in the U.S. workforce, workplace immigration, formerly incarcerated workers, monkeypox, creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities, organizational policies and practices related to paid family leave, and more.

How much time does it take to complete SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel surveys? 

Generally, the surveys you’ll receive will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. The length of each survey will depend on the topic we’re asking you about. We’ll let you know how much time you can expect a survey to take before you decide whether to complete it.

How many survey invitations can I expect to receive? 

The number of survey invitations you will receive will vary based on our research needs. You choose whether to complete each survey you receive. However, we encourage you to take as many surveys as you have time to complete.

Do I have to take all of the surveys I am invited to complete?

No, your level of commitment is entirely up to you. We value your participation; however, we understand that you may not always be available to complete the surveys to which you are invited. Participation is voluntary, and whether you participate will not affect your SHRM membership. We encourage you to complete as many surveys as possible to make your thoughts, opinions, and insights heard on timely workplace topics.

When should I complete the SHRM Voice of Work surveys?

If a closing date is critical to the project, we will list it in the survey invitation. Otherwise, we keep the survey open until we receive the required number of responses. That number varies for each project, so we cannot predict the closing date. Therefore, we encourage you to complete the survey as soon as you can, so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Will I be able to leave the panel if I decide I don’t want to participate? 

If you would like to remove yourself from the panel, please email and we will remove your name from the list of contacted panelists within one month.


Rewards for Participation

What do I get for completing SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel surveys? 

You will earn points for most surveys you complete. Once you earn the specified number of points, you will be able to redeem them for a gift card of your choosing or donate the value to a participating charity. SHRM has partnered with Blackhawk Network also known as BHN (formerly known as Rybbon) for this exciting new incentive program. Each survey invitation will notify you of the points awarded for completing the survey. The more surveys you complete, the more points you accumulate.

The great news is that you will have full control over when to exchange your points for a gift card or charitable donation. The Rewards Gallery contains over 100 gift cards you can choose from. Each merchant determines the minimum number of points you need to have before you are eligible for a gift card. Once you reach that minimum number, you can redeem them right away, or you can continue accumulating points for a larger gift card amount.
  • Additionally, if you currently hold a SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, you are eligible to earn 2 PDCs for each year you are a member of the panel. In addition, you can earn PDCs for participating in select panel surveys. Not every survey is eligible for PDCs. In the survey invitation, we’ll let you know whether PDCs are available and how many you can expect to earn. You will receive an email from the SHRM Voice of Work Panel Operations team after the survey has completely closed with your PDC code information.

Where can I see the gift cards and charities that are available to me?

Once you qualify and complete your first survey and have reward points available, you will receive an email from SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel ( with your points balance. The email contains a hyperlink to claim your rewards. Once you open the link, you will need to enter the same email address you used to register for the panel (and to take the survey you just completed). Once you complete a quick verification process, you will be able to see how many points you’ve accumulated and the gift cards available to you. The page will look similar to this:


Data Confidentiality 

How will you protect my privacy? Will you keep my information and survey answers confidential? How will you use or share the survey results? 

Your privacy is very important to us. We protect the confidentiality of all panel members in the following ways:

  • Only the vetted researchers and supporting contractors who are conducting the panel surveys will have access to your personal contact information, so your personal information is always confidential.
  • We will report the results of each survey to third parties only in de-identified or summary form only; we often group opinions with those of other SHRM Voice of Work Research panelists for aggregate reports.
  • We will only use your contact information for panel-related purposes, such as to send you survey invitations and panel communications; we do not share your contact information except to send you the gift card of your choice.

What information do you need to know about me personally? 

We will ask for your contact information, your job title and responsibilities as a human resource professional, the type and size of company for which you work, and/or other relevant information related to the research. We ask you for this information so that we can examine and understand important research trends and patterns. The information you provide is confidential, and your responses will be de-identified and/or combined with those of others like you so that we can report findings. For example, we might compare responses about workforce issues from HR professionals at small companies and large companies; manufacturing and food service industries; by HR tenure, among others.

Can I see the results of the surveys in which I participated? 

Some of the research will be proprietary and not meant for public distribution. When we can share the results, you may occasionally get sneak peeks at or access to research findings before anyone else! Also, you can always explore SHRM’s most recent research findings by visiting

Panel Member Support

Who can I ask if I have questions about joining the panel or about the panel in general?

Please send your questions to and support staff will be available to answer your questions or to direct your questions to the appropriate contact. 

I changed companies and need to update my information. Who do I contact?

Please send any changes to and support staff will be happy to update your panel contact information. 

Panel Sponsorship & Access

Who uses the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel? Who sponsors or pays for the surveys? 

Many of the research surveys you respond to will be sponsored by SHRM to further the organization’s knowledge in the field of HR and about all things work, workers, and workplace. From time to time, external entities such as associations, corporations, foundations, and government agencies may partner with SHRM to sponsor Voice of Work Research Panel surveys to learn more about topics in the world of work. 

I represent a company and/or I am a researcher. Can I field a survey to the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel?

For inquiries about fielding a survey to the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel and to understand whether the SHRM Voice of Work Research Panel would be appropriate for your research needs, please contact SHRM at


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