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Culture Fit vs. Culture Add

In recent years, culture-fit has become a bit of a fetish in HR circles, to the point that even organizations who proudly advocate for diversity and inclusion (D&I) interventions have no trouble admitting that they hire on culture-fit - a notion that is fully incompatible with D&I.

While it is tempting to assume that a person's "fit" with the culture of an organization plays a critical role in shaping her engagement, wellbeing, and performance, it is always healthy to challenge our assumptions with data, and there is generally no better data than scientific studies (rigorous, independent, academic research published in peer-reviewed journals).
Is Culture-Fit Overrated?
Forbes via SHRM | Feb 2022

Interviewing for Culture Add

Your interview questions should uncover new perspectives and experiences that candidates could bring to the table. With this information, you'll be able to assess how well a candidate could contribute to the collective intelligence of your team, rather than nebulous ideas of "company culture".
To add diversity to your team, hire for value fit, not culture fit.
Fair HQ | Dec 2021

Shifting from Culture Fit to Culture Add: As the Interviewer
Leadership and Values in Action | Apr 2021

How to Assess for Culture Add – article
Checklist: Interview Questions to Assess for Culture Add
Linkedin Talent Solutions

Why you should use culture add interview questions
Rise | Aug 2020

Ditch the 'Beer Test' and Start Hiring for Culture Add
SHRM | Apr 2018

Culture Fit vs Culture Add

Beyond the front for discrimination, Culture Fit is based on the presumption that the best business is full of like-minded or similar people. In an imaginary scenario where an ad agency is full of 30 or 40 somethings who are all sporty and outgoing, the notion is that more sporty and outgoing 30 or 40 somethings will keep everything ticking along nicely. This is an outdated (and slightly confusing) assumption with mountains of research opposing it.
Down With Culture Fit! Long Live Culture Add!
Vitamin Talent | Dec 2021

Hiring people who will add to your culture, however, makes "innovative organizations need to think less about who fits into the business they have today and more about who opens doors to the kind of business they can be tomorrow," says Matt Bush, culture coaching lead at Great Place to Work.
How the Right Definition of "Culture Add" Reduces Bias in Hiring
Bamboo HR | Nov 2021

Define your culture and then document it for everyone to understand where your culture is right now and where it can grow to next. That way, hiring managers, recruiters, and referrers can understand what kind of hires will add to as you grow.
3 Simple Steps to Hiring for Culture Add
Lever | Nov 2021

Culture add phenomena will enhance the chances that the recruit will reflect the company's ethics and values and bring in diverse opinions and specialised skills that will help improve the team and the overall company culture.
Why is this the Era of 'Culture Add' Recruitment?
CodeQuotient | Oct 2021

Fit or add, you say? Recruiters often run into a cultural fork in the road, with a sign that reads, "Fit or add?" The dilemma: Do you hire candidates who fit into the established culture, or do you seek out applicants who add to it in meaningful ways that may challenge existing structures?
Should recruiters search for "culture fit" or "culture add"?
Morning Brew | Oct 2021

Hiring for cultural fit tends to favor the status quo in the company, whether that relates to race, gender, age, socioeconomic level or even lacrosse abilities. That makes it harder for anyone who doesn't 'fit the mold' to get into sectors where they are currently under-represented.
What does being a 'cultural fit' actually mean?
BBC Work Life | Oct 2021

"Culture add" offers an expanded definition of diversity to include the sum total of a variety of different types of diversity that combine to allow individuals to make a "cultural contribution" to their team and organization.
Why Everything You Know About Culture Fit is Wrong
Rocket Hire | Sep 2021


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