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Death of an Employee

Helping employees cope with the death of a colleague or co-worker is not typically covered in leadership training or employee handbooks. However, the pandemic and other public health crises have prompted many organizations to create policies that address the needs of grieving employees while still achieving business outcomes.
Helping Employees Cope with the Death of a Co-Worker
SHRM | Jun 2022

How to Lead When an Employee Dies
SHRM | Dec 2020

Working Through the Death of a Top Executive
SHRM | Mar 2020

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Cigna | 2020

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Harvard Business Review | Nov 2020

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The HR Director | Nov 2020

How to Support Employees Through Grief and Loss
SHRM | Aug 2017

Tools and Samples
Sample Announcement Letter
How should I handle a final paycheck, taxes and benefits for a recently deceased employee?
Bereavement Leave Policy
Additional Articles

No one wants to think about an employee passing away. But when it happens, it's important to think about how your company can help your employees through the difficult time. Having a plan and establishing some guidelines before a death occurs, will make everything much easier for your employees and managers.
4 Questions to Consider When Handling the Death of an Employee
Paycom | Feb 2018

When an employee passes away, you need time to process your emotions. But as an HR professional, there are also timely actions you should take to help your workforce grieve, and a few things you'll need to address to remain compliant. While the death of an employee is never easy, it's important to ensure any compliance matters are handled consistently with your current policies but with added grace.
Staying Compliant After the Death of an Employee
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What to Do When an Employee Dies
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