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FMLA: Curbing Abuse

 Obtaining medical certifications and recertifications of serious health conditions and having carefully thought-out conversations with employees suspected of abusing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time off can help send fraudsters a message: The employer is monitoring them. The employer can't interfere with legitimate FMLA leave, but it can strive to prevent the law from turning into the "Friday and Monday leave act."

Frequently requesting Fridays or Mondays off or taking leave after objecting to new job assignments can be signs of FMLA fraud. But an employer can't assume that these acts amount to abuse of such leave. Instead, it must determine whether the individual is covered by the FMLA and whether the time off is protected.

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How to Stop FMLA Abuse
SHRM | Feb 2020

Note:  The focus of this Express Request is minimizing abuse of the FMLA.  For comprehensive resources on the law, visit USDOL's FMLA Page.

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