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Honoring Juneteenth at Work (Jun 19)

Once Juneteenth became a federal holiday in 2021, many more companies began honoring the occasion with a day off for their workers. Some employers are also leveraging the holiday to educate and raise awareness about racial barriers that continue to exist today. (Source)

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Recognizing Juneteenth in the Workplace
Example Agendas and Celebrations
Music Playlists

Recognizing Juneteenth in the Workplace

Observing Juneteenth in 2024
SHRM | 2024

Remembrance, Reflection, And Celebration: How To Celebrate Juneteenth At Work
Vantage Circle | 2024

Honoring Juneteenth in Your Workplace in 2024
Work Tango | 2024

Juneteenth in the workplace: Less symbols and more action
Culture Amp | 2024

Get Ready for Freedom Day! Here Are 30 Ways To Celebrate Juneteenth 2024
Parade | Mar 2024

Example Agendas and Celebrations

Fairfax County VA | 2024

Juneteenth Celebrations
Henrico County VA | 2024

Juneteenth Celebration
William & Mary | 2024

2024 Juneteenth Celebration
The Ohio State University | 2024

Music Playlists

Apple Music: Juneteenth: Emancipation Celebration
Spotify: Songs for Freedom: A Juneteenth Playlist



Digital Resources: Juneteenth: Celebration of Resilience
National Museum of African American History & Culture

What Is Juneteenth? Here's Why We Honor the Federal Holiday
Oprah Daily

14 Juneteenth Quotes to Help You Observe the Holiday
Better Homes & Gardens

What's the Meaning of the Symbols and Colors on the Juneteenth Flag?
Good Housekeeping

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