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Managing Pay Equity - Express Request

A growing number of employees want their companies to be more open about compensation to ensure women and people of color are treated fairly.
The Push for Pay Transparency
SHRM | Oct 2022

Managing Pay Equity Toolkit
Pay Transparency Express Request

Equal Pay Day 2024 was March 12
2024 Equal Pay Day
Equal Pay Today

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Pay Equity Audits

What Most Companies Get Wrong About Pay Equity Audits
Katica Roy | Nov 2022

6 steps for conducting an effective pay equity audit
Latesha Byrd | Oct 2022

Why and How to Conduct an Effective Pay Equity Audit
Trusaic | Jun 2022

After the Audit: How to Handle Pay Equity Issues | Nov 2022

Gender Pay Gap in the News

Recent research finds that the wage gap between men and women has barely budged in 20 years—a discrepancy illustrated by today’s Equal Pay Day.
Gender Pay Gap Has Made Virtually No Improvement in Two Decades
SHRM | Mar 2023

How To Introduce Pay Transparency To Help Close The Gender Pay Gap
Forbes | Feb 2023

Equal Pay Day 2023: Attacking the Gender Pay Gap
Ford Harrison | Feb 2023

A Window into the Wage Gap
National Women's Law Center | Jan 2023

The Gender Pay Gap Is Greater for Certain Racial and Ethnic Groups and Varies by Education Level
US GAO | Dec 2022

U.S. men's and women's soccer teams formally sign equal pay agreements
PBS News Hour | Sep 2022

Advancing Pay Equity Through Compensation Analysis
Equal Pay and Pay Transparency Protections
US Department of Labor

Law Firm Resources

Jackson Lewis Pay Equity Advisor Blog
Seyfarth 50 State Equal Pay Reference Guide
Seyfarth Pay Equity Issues & Insights
JD Supra Pay Equity Laws  and Equal Pay


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