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Supporting Sleep Health

Employees' work and home life can influence the amount and quality of sleep they get. As a result, getting enough sleep can be a problem for anyone, no matter the job. People who work in industries that require shift work or spend long hours on the job are at a higher risk for sleep related disorders and report getting the least amount of sleep. By addressing sleep as part of a workplace health program, companies can increase safety and make employees healthier and safer at home.

Helping Employees Get the Sleep They Need
Centers for Disease Control

Sleep Awareness Week® Mar 10-16, 2024

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Reasons to Support Sleep Health

Fatigue: Sleeping Giant of the Workplace
OH&S Online | Jan 2023

The Dramatic Effect of Sleep on Employee (and Employer) Performance
Sogolytics | Dec 2022

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Fortune | Oct 2022

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Forbes | Sep 2022

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Sleep Foundation | Sep 2022

How to Support Sleep Health

What Employers Can Do to Support Sleep Health
National Wellness Institute

Supporting Healthy Sleep Habits for a Safe Workplace

5 things you can do to help your employees sleep better

Employer Resources

Accommodating Employees with Sleep Disorder
Job Accommodation Network

Workforce Health: Sleep Management Toolkit
Kaiser Permanente Interactive Guide

An employers' guide to promoting healthy employee sleep and mental health
Aetna International

Sleep Works for You
American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Sleep Hygiene Tips

Sleep Hygiene
The Sleep Doctor | Dec 2022

What is Sleep Hygiene?
Sleep Foundation | Sep 2022

Healthy Sleep Habits
AASM Sleep Education | Sep 2022

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