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Tips to Improve Diversity Recruiting

Employers have promised to improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) at their organizations since nationwide protests against racial injustice began in June.

One of the first steps companies can take to meet those commitments is reviewing how their recruiting and hiring is done—from how job advertisements are written to which candidate sources are mined for talent and which recruitment partners are chosen.

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Diversify Your Recruitment Sources to Improve DE&I
SHRM | Aug 2020

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More Tips

Due to the changing demographics of the nation and an increasingly globalized world, businesses are recognizing the benefits of embracing a diverse work force. Through hiring, training, and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds, businesses are better able to identify creative, innovative solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly connected diverse world.
Current Trends in Diversity Recruiting Practices
NACE | Feb 2020

Strengthening diversity in your workplace means helping your interviewers and hiring managers understand common biases that may influence their hiring decisions.
10 Recruiter Strategies To Improve Diversity And Inclusion In Hiring
Forbes | Dec 2019

If you want to fill your pipeline with diverse talent you've got to go where diversity flourishes. For example, add schools such as HBCUs (historically Black colleges and universities) and HSIS (Hispanic serving institutions) to your recruitment roster as they have a large number of underrepresented individuals within their student body.
11 Ways to Improve Your Company's Diversity Recruitment
Diverse Recruiting Experts | Dec 2019

Mistakes to Avoid

For any business to grow and thrive, diversity is a requirement. If you are going to emphasize diversity and inclusion in the workplace, then you have to do it right. In order for that to happen, you first have to look at what you might be doing wrong.
7 Common Mistakes for Diversity Recruiting
HR Technologist | Dec 2019

Get conversation starters around racial equity and inclusion to help you take action in your workplace at Together Forward @Work.


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