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Writing Inclusive Job Postings and Descriptions

​Crafting inclusive job postings that appeal to underrepresented talent means being thoughtful and intentional about acknowledging and countering unconscious bias; using gender-neutral and inclusive language; and emphasizing the company's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Learn How to Write Inclusive Job Postings
SHRM | Jun 2021

Are your job ads unintentionally turning away ideal candidates? You might be surprised to learn that particular words and phrases could marginalize and alienate a large portion of your candidate pool.
6 Tips for Inclusive and Unbiased Recruitment Writing
Monster | Mar 2021

Military occupational codes in the job description can help the employers and veterans better understand the skills necessary for the job. The Department of Labor and the Employment and Training Administration created O*Net Online a free database of information on occupations in the labor market. O*Net has mapped out the positions in the military to positions in the private sector that utilize the same skills and work experience while providing the military occupational codes that you can use in your job descriptions.
How to create a Veteran Inclusive Job Posting?
Circa | Nov 2020

A well written job description is one that speaks to diverse applicants while being specific about the skillsets required. Leading with sensitive, thoughtful and inclusive language shows candidates you're an inclusive workplace that considers all applicants regardless of gender, background, disability or status.
Hiring Managers, Here Are 4 Useful Tips To Create More Inclusive Job Descriptions
Forbes | Jan 2021

Using gender-neutral words in job listings not only helps attract male and female applicants to roles they might not otherwise apply for, it also helps attract non-binary or gender-fluid applicants.
The words and phrases you should stop using in job descriptions if you want to attract applicants from diverse backgrounds
Business Insider | Feb 2021

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A good example of biased language is when people ask for "native English speakers"—when what they want is fluency in the language. Due to globalization and colonialism, "native" is a complicated term. (For example, as a citizen of a former British colony, I've been speaking English my entire life, but I'm still not considered a "native" speaker by some in the West.) So if it's good English skills you're after, say exactly that, so you're not accidentally excluding the majority of the English-speaking world.
4 ways to rewrite your job descriptions for the post-pandemic job market
Fast Company | Jun 2021


​An organization run by AI is not a futuristic concept. Such technology is already a part of many workplaces and will continue to shape the labor market and HR. Here's how employers and employees can successfully manage generative AI and other AI-powered systems.