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Job Analysis Questionnaire

Job title: ______________________________                            Date: __________________

Name of the person completing this questionnaire: _________________________________



  • What are the reasons for the job's existence? Document the particular contributions of the job to the organization's overall mission.

  • What are the job duties necessary for job performance? Usually less than ten job duties are essential activities necessary to the job.

Job Setting

  • Worksite
    • What is the physical layout of the worksite?

    • What equipment is used in the work setting?

    • Where are the essential functions performed?

    • What conditions are required for task completion? Conditions include environmental (hot/cold, inside/outside, noise level, lighting, ventilation, etc.) and social (works with the public, works under deadlines, works alone, etc.).

    • Is the job accessible (parking, entrances and exits, doors)?

    • Does the job necessitate completing tasks in multiple, alternate, or off-site locations?

  • Workstation
    • How is the workstation arranged?

    • How do workers obtain and discard equipment and materials?

    • How is the work organized?

  • Activities
    • What is the required output level for the job?

    • What are the expected results?

    • What is the relationship between each task? If there is a task sequence or a task hierarchy, document this order.

    • What are the necessary physical and mental requirements needed to accomplish the job?

    • Is specific training necessary? Document what required experience, certificates, and education are necessary.

    • What are the safety and quality control measures in place? Document potential workplace hazards and the measures taken to eliminate them. 

    • What happens if a task is not performed appropriately?

    • What level of responsibility is necessary?

    • What happens if the end result is not achieved?

    • Are there specified time frames for completing a task?


Source: Job Accommodation Network


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