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From performance management to employee engagement, find advice for managing your workforce.

Sometimes, despite performance discussions and commitments to do better, employee behavior just doesn’t improve. Here’s how HR managers can approach this challenge and bring it to an end.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s failure to disclose his recent hospitalization has triggered an uproar in Washington, D.C.—and in workplaces beyond the capital city. Experts said employees should be prepared to disclose basic information about their own hospitalizations, for their own protection.

While not widespread in practice, the four-day workweek is cropping up in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and policing. Some employers see it as a way to avoid layoffs, as a hiring and retention strategy, or to promote a culture of work/life balance.

Here's what you need to know to plan for a winter storm and protect your workers from extreme cold.

Almost half of Americans are bored at work, new research finds. Like burnout, employees with “bored-out” have significant implications for workplaces, from lower productivity to diminished quality of work and higher turnover.

Linking the employee experience more closely to these five strategic components can help employers meet worker needs and boost loyalty, writes consultant Ben Wall. These employees become better aligned to the strategic direction of the company and more productive in their jobs.

2024 looks to be a year of amazing potential and ongoing challenges for HR. Talent, economic and supply chain issues are expected to continue, while myriad political views will take center stage during this election year.

We all fall into the trap that hustling and running around are critical components of today’s society, but the reality is that it's more important to give yourself a break.