Recertification Provider Program

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SHRM has established the SHRM Recertification Provider Program to give organizations that offer education, training and/or other HR-related Competency and Knowledge programming the opportunity to award PDCs, without pre-approval by SHRM, during a 2-year period. 

Key benefits to being a SHRM Recertification Provider include being able to:

  • Award PDCs for individual HR programs, without pre-approval from SHRM, during a 2-year SHRM Recertification Provider status period.
  • Publicize itself as a SHRM Recertification Provider.
  • Use the SHRM Recertification Provider seal on materials.
  • Include program offerings in a searchable database.
  • Be listed in a directory of SHRM Recertification Providers. 

In addition, being identified as a SHRM Recertification Provider eliminates the guesswork for credential-holders, who will know by your status that your program qualifies for recertification credits. Qualified activities may include conferences, college/university courses, seminars, workshops, videoconferences, webcasts, e-learning and other programs.

Applicants for SHRM Recertification Provider status must meet the following qualifications, which ensure that sound learning principles are incorporated into program offerings:

  1. Provider must designate a contact person who will be responsible for entering relevant educational activities into the online SHRM program database.
  2. Provider must have the resources, facilities and administrative support to effectively deliver HR-related Competency and/or Knowledge programming.
  3. Provider must offer appropriate high-quality programming, developed and presented by appropriate subject matter experts.
  4. Programming should address the HR Competencies and/or Knowledge Domains needed for effective job performance, as outlined in the SHRM BoCK.
  5. Each program offering must describe both learning objectives and Competencies/Knowledge areas to be taught, with specific references to the the SHRM BoCK.
  6. Each presenter/instructor/speaker must have proven expertise in the field and the ability to facilitate learning.
  7. Provider must have a participant evaluation process in place and utilize feedback to ensure continuous improvement in program content and quality.
  8. Provider must have been in operation for at least one year.
  9. Provider must have offered training in HR Competencies and/or Knowledge Domains for at least one year.
If you're interested in being a SHRM Recertification Provider or a SHRM Recertification Education Partner, please contact us at for additional information and enrollment.