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Managing Smart

With pressures from above and below, managers can have a lot to juggle. Gain the insight and get the tools people managers need to optimize their teams and build great places to work.

Problem solving, time management and adapting to change are the most important soft skills, according to HR professionals and hiring managers.

Disengagement is on the rise in America's workplaces. But the right strategies can keep your employees connected.

When you accept an employee's idea, they need more than your go-ahead—they also need ample support and resources to successfully implement their proposal.

How you handle employee discipline meetings can make the difference between their success and failure.

Many of us follow the tradition of making personal resolutions for the new year. But should you also make resolutions for the workplace? A lot of us spend more time in the office than we do at home, so keeping those resolutions could have a huge impact on your quality of life—and, if you’re a manager, on the lives of your staff.

Your organization’s executive leadership just announced a new initiative that you’ll be responsible for sharing with your team—and you know it won’t go down well. Even if you don’t agree with it either, you have the responsibility to ensure that you understand the reasoning behind the change and convey it clearly and effectively to your team.

Research suggests that neither job candidates nor hiring managers are fully honest during the hiring process. That dishonesty can have consequences.

Virtual, in-person or hybrid? Hiring interviews take a variety of formats, each with their pros and cons.

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People Manager Qualification (PMQ)

PMQ teaches people managers to empower teams, transform workplaces, and cultivate a high-performing staff. Equally educational and entertaining, PMQ is an experience unlike any other. Invest, and your organization will be on the path to success.

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Insubordination would undermine a supervisor's level of respect and ability to manage and, therefore, is often a reason for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Employers have the ability to change employee time records but must ensure that the records accurately reflect the time actually worked.

Some employers believe the rationale for requesting performance review information during the hiring process is to determine in advance the type of employee the applicant will become.