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What are the benefits to posting jobs internally?

Posting  jobs internally can enhance a company's recruitment strategy, can provide career development opportunities for employees and can be a positive communication practice. By ensuring that all staff members are aware of vacancies and have an opportunity to apply, the employer demonstrates openness, transparency and fairness in the hiring process. This strategy can reinforce the organization's desire to assist with employee career growth and may also yield referrals of candidates from internal staff. A well-defined internal policy coupled with fair and consistent administration can improve an employer's time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and quality-of-hire metrics.

Internal job postings can also serve the following purposes for an organization:

  • Opening communication channels about jobs and qualifications for career advancement. For example, staff members can see where job growth is occurring and the types of qualifications that are necessary to perform other jobs, either lateral or promotional, within the organization.

  • Assisting managers to be more responsive in discussing opportunities for professional career growth with staff.

  • Enhancing employees' knowledge of the organization's business processes and the duties and responsibilities of other staff functions and roles.

  • Creating a fair and organized process rather than providing managers with the latitude to act arbitrarily or show favoritism in filling a vacancy without considering other qualified candidates.

  • Reinforcing to all employees the importance and need for continued skills acquisition.



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