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Contract and Temporary Staffing Policy


[Company Name] acknowledges that a portion of its staffing requirements may be met through the use of agency temporary workers and contractors. The human resource (HR) department is responsible for identifying and reviewing staffing vendor relationships. Contractual agreements relating to fee schedules, bill rates, payment schedules, selection processes and replacement policies must be negotiated in advance of placement of temporary staff or contractors.

The director of HR is the designated company representative authorized to enter into any legally binding agreement with any type of staffing-related agency or business. Payment of services rendered by temporary and contract staff may only be paid directly to a third-party agency whose primary purpose is to provide temporary and contract workers.


The HR department is responsible for the overall management of the selection and hiring processes related to temporary and contract staff. The release of all contract and temporary workers must be coordinated through the HR department directly with the agency.


The department supervisor/manager will contact the HR department with a request for a temporary worker. The request will only be reviewed when it is based on the following reasons: special projects with defined time frames; coverage for an employee taking a leave of absence; need for additional personnel during emergency company initiatives.

The department supervisor/manager will provide the HR department with the date the temporary worker is needed, job responsibilities, job location, job shift, duration of the assignment (e.g., one month) and confirmation of availability of funds in the department budget for temporary staff.

The HR department will contact a staffing agency with a request for a temporary worker and provide the specifics of the position. The HR department will review the credentials of available candidates and make a selection.

The HR department will notify the department supervisor/manager of the selection and provide the temporary worker's information.

The department supervisor/manager will be responsible for signing the temporary agency timesheets during the assignment.

Extension of a temporary worker's assignment must be approved by the HR department.

If any performance concerns with a temporary worker arise, the department supervisor/manager must notify the HR department immediately.

Disciplinary actions will be handled by the HR department and the temporary agency representative.


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