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Job Posting Policy: Staff Promotions


[Company Name] believes in providing opportunities for its employees to advance within the organization. Promotion opportunities to positions of higher responsibility for existing staff members will be limited only by the individual’s ambition, attitude and qualifications in experience, education and capabilities.


Promotion is the movement of an employee to a higher grade level either within the same department or to another department due to a change in duties and not due to a market adjustment in salary.


Any employee in good standing is eligible for promotion consideration, assuming he or she meets the minimum qualifications for the position.


  1. Promotion Within Same Department
    1. All new vacant positions below the chief level are posted internally for five business days and are open to all eligible employees of [Company Name].
    2. Department heads wishing to recommend a promotion for an employee because of a change in job duties being performed should review and revise the employee’s job description in accordance with that employee’s actual job duties, making note of major changes in responsibility that would warrant consideration of a promotion.
    3. The department head should submit the new job description, along with a completed salary authorization form outlining recommended grade/salary/title changes, and a memorandum outlining the recommendation to the director of Human Resources.
    4. The director of Human Resources will review the documentation and compare it to market rate and the internal structure at [Company Name] and determine if the recommendation should be supported, modified or denied.
    5. The director of Human Resources will provide all documentation with a final recommendation to the chief HR officer for final approval.
  2. Promotion to Another Department
    1. All job vacancies below the chief level are posted internally for five business days.
    2. Employees who are interested in a posted position should make that interest known by applying for the position.
    3. Internal candidates do not need the permission of their supervisor to apply for open positions at [Company Name]. After applicants are interviewed by HR and if they are considered good candidates for the position, their supervisor will be notified of their application by HR.
    4. If a vacancy exists at the chief officer level, potential internal candidates will be reviewed by the president/CEO. The position may also be advertised externally. Internal candidates, if any, will be considered based on a comparison to both internal and external candidates. A final decision will be made by the president/CEO.
    5. The maximum time that an employee may be kept in his or her current position after being accepted for another [Company Name] position is 30 calendar days.

Pay Changes 

All changes in pay will be consistent with the guidelines listed in the [Company Name] compensation plan. The salary offered for the new position will be determined primarily based on the employee’s qualifications for the new position and internal equity within the department or work group. Employees can choose to accept or decline offers without repercussions in their current position.


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