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Professional Development Reimbursement Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide employees with professional development opportunities that increase their skills and enhance their contributions to the organization. An employee's work performance is vital to the success of our organization. Providing professional development to our employees is an investment in their careers and the organization's future. 


Full-time regular employees are eligible for reimbursement for education costs that are approved by the organization.

Eligible Expenses

It is the employee's responsibility to seek out the courses and other training mediums that will enhance his or her career development and are in line with the organization's mission. Professional development can be obtained through attendance at seminars, educational courses or webinars, and degree programs that will assist the employee in performing his or her essential job functions and increase the employee's contribution to the organization.

Membership fees to professional organizations, subscriptions for scholarly journals, books and computer-based resources are also included.


Employees must request permission from their immediate supervisor for review and approval to attend and to receive reimbursement for a desired training and/or resource. The request must include applicable course of study, purpose, job relevance, cost, dates, times of coursework and the name of the institution or source of training.


Upon satisfactory completion of the training and/or coursework, the employee must provide documentation to support completion and payment to receive reimbursement. Receipts for subscriptions, membership dues or other similar expenses should be submitted in a timely manner.

The maximum reimbursement amount will be $[enter amount here] per calendar year. The amount does not roll into the next calendar year; it is forfeited if not used. Eligible employees are entitled to 10 working days of professional development per year, to be approved at the discretion of management and the business needs.

For degree programs, the following criteria applies:

  • Grade A = 100% reimbursement
  • Grade B =   75% reimbursement
  • Grade C =   50% reimbursement

Any grade less than a "C" is not eligible for reimbursement.

A pass/fail course is 100% reimbursable if passed successfully.   

Payback Requirements

As a matter of record, employees accepting the terms of this policy will be required to sign a written agreement to remain with the organization for one year from the date of the educational reimbursement. If the employee terminates within that year, he or she will be required to pay a monthly prorated amount to the organization.


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