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Religious Accommodation Policy


[Name of Company] respects the religious beliefs and practices of all employees and will make, on request, an accommodation for such observances when a reasonable accommodation is available that does not create an undue hardship on the company’s business.

Requesting a Religious Accommodation

An employee whose religious beliefs or practices conflict with his or her job, work schedule, or with [Company Name]’s policy or practice on dress and appearance, or with other aspects of employment, and who seeks a religious accommodation must submit a written request for the accommodation to his or her immediate supervisor. The written request will include the type of religious conflict that exists and the employee’s suggested accommodation.

Providing Religious Accommodation

The immediate supervisor will evaluate the request considering whether a work conflict exists due to a sincerely held religious belief or practice and whether an accommodation is available that is reasonable and that would not create an undue hardship on [Company Name]’s business. An accommodation may be a change in job, using paid leave or leave without pay, allowing an exception to the dress and appearance code that does not affect safety requirements, or for other aspects of employment. Depending on the type of conflict and suggested accommodation, the supervisor may confer with his or her manager and with the human resource director.

The supervisor and employee will meet to discuss the request and decision on an accommodation. If the employee accepts the proposed religious accommodation, the immediate supervisor will implement the decision. If the employee rejects the proposed accommodation, he or she may appeal following the company’s general grievance policy and procedure.


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