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Unlimited Paid Leave Policy (Exempt Employees)

[Company Name] hires exceptional, professional adults to perform a wide variety of important functions that contribute to the success of our company. It is [Company Name]'s intent to provide its exceptional employees the freedom they require to balance the responsibilities of both their work and home lives, thereby maximizing their value to [Company Name].

Unlimited Paid Leave

It is the policy of [Company Name] to forego implementation of a leave accrual or bank system of any sort. Eligible employees will be free to take leave when they require it. At [Company Name]'s discretion, leave may be tracked for business purposes.


All full-time exempt-level employees with 90 days of continuous service are considered eligible under this policy.


Under this policy, exempt-level employees are expected to:

  • Recognize that at [Company Name], we value all employees' contributions and are committed to communicating with our team members in advance when scheduling an absence or notifying the appropriate team member before the start of the workday when an unscheduled absence occurs.
  • Understand that due to staffing needs, sometimes, not all leave requests can be honored. Advance requests are still subject to the appropriate approval.
  • Meet all established goals despite the absences.

Except for those on protected leave (such as state or federal family and medical leave), if an eligible employee is unable to meet the expectations outlined above, [Company Name] reserves the right to temporarily revoke unlimited leave. Further, if gross abuse of this leave is observed, disciplinary action may be taken, which may include termination of employment.


Managers and team leads also reserve the right to request verification of absences (such as a doctor's note) when legal and appropriate to do so.

Leave of Absence

This policy does not apply to eligible employees requesting military leave or sabbaticals. For more information on these types of leave, please see the corresponding policies located in your handbook.



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