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Workplace Violence Prevention Policy


[Company Name] is committed to preventing workplace violence and to maintaining a safe work environment. [Company Name] has adopted the following guidelines to deal with intimidation, harassment or other threats of or actual violence that may occur onsite or offsite during work-related activities.

Scope of Policy

All employees are covered under this policy.

Prohibited Conduct

All employees, customers, vendors and business associates should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Employees are expected to refrain from fighting, "horseplay" or other conduct that may be dangerous to others. Conduct that threatens, intimidates or coerces another employee, customer, vendor or business associate will not be tolerated. [Company Name] resources may not be used to threaten, stalk or harass anyone at or outside the workplace. [Company Name] treats threats coming from an abusive personal relationship as it does other forms of violence.

Indirect or direct threats of violence, incidents of actual violence, and suspicious individuals or activities should be reported as soon as possible to a supervisor, security personnel, human resources (HR), member of the [Company Name] threat management team or any member of senior management. When reporting a threat or incident of violence, the employee should be as specific and detailed as possible. Employees should not place themselves in peril, nor should they attempt to intercede during an incident.

Employees should promptly inform the HR department of any protective or restraining order that they have obtained that lists the workplace as a protected area. Employees are encouraged to report safety concerns with regard to intimate partner violence. [Company Name] will not retaliate against employees making good-faith reports. [Company Name] is committed to supporting victims of intimate partner violence by providing referrals to the company's employee assistance program and community resources and providing time off for reasons related to intimate partner violence.

Investigations and Enforcement

[Company Name] will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of threats of violence or incidents of actual violence and of suspicious individuals or activities. The identity of the individual making a report will be protected as much as possible. [Company Name] will not retaliate against employees making good-faith reports of violence, threats, or suspicious individuals or activities. To maintain workplace safety and the integrity of its investigation, [Company Name] may suspend employees suspected of workplace violence or threats of violence, either with or without pay, pending investigation.

Anyone found to be responsible for threats of or actual violence or other conduct that is in violation of these guidelines will be subject to prompt disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

[Company Name] encourages employees to bring their disputes to the attention of their supervisors or the HR department before the situation escalates. [Company Name] will not discipline employees for raising such concerns.


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