Inclusion, Equity & Diversity

Uncover the impact that civility has when integrated into your IE&D strategies.

In 2023, IE&D withstood several blows that threatened its existence, including the reversal of affirmative action and the rise of an anti-IE&D movement.

Gov. Kevin Stitt signed an executive order on Dec. 13 that requires all state agencies and public colleges to report how much they spend on inclusion, equity and diversity (IE&D) programs. The order aims to provide protections for Oklahomans and their tax dollars against such programs.

Whole Foods can continue its practice of disciplining workers for wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) logos at work. An administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board ruled that wearing BLM apparel wasn’t legally protected activity.

Companies that implement disability-inclusive policies and practices tend to outperform their peers financially, according to a new study of 346 companies. The reported noted that employers can create a more disability-inclusive environment in five simple ways.

While many businesses focus on boosting workplace diversity, their inclusion efforts fall behind. With 2024 on the horizon, workplace and inclusion experts have offered recommendations for strengthening inclusion in the workplace.

Your employees may be putting in time beyond the normal workday, but that doesn’t mean they’re more productive, a new global survey found. Meeting fatigue and the relentless tide of email cut into the time workers have for focusing on their tasks.

Inclusion Conference 2024

Learn How to Encourage, Energize and Elevate IE&D Initiatives in Your Workplace.

There’s a reason why the SHRM INCLUSION conference has sold out the last two years. The HR industry has recognized it as a catalyst that brings together an incredibly diverse group of attendees, speakers, thought leaders and solutions providers who all have the same goal: to protect, prioritize and (em)power the workforce to create better workplaces where all employees act with civility, are made to feel as if they belong and have opportunities to thrive.

Member Resources

This toolkit provides information and resources to help employers create a workplace that values the differences among individuals and where people can feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work.

A sample policy for employers committed to fostering employee inclusion in the workplace.

Employers can bolster their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by providing a safe space for workers to have respectful and honest conversations.

Inclusion, equity and diversity all relate to the actions an employer takes to help bring about a feeling of belonging for its employees.

This toolkit provides an overview of the legal framework in which employers must navigate religion in the workplace and also discusses the opportunity to provide a welcoming and inclusive workplace as a major factor in attracting and retaining top talent.

​This sample presentation is intended for delivery to supervisors and other individuals who manage employees. It is designed to be presented by an individual who has knowledge of the concepts and best practices regarding unconscious bias in the workplace.