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Discover new trends in training and development to keep your workforce moving forward.

Tesla’s decision to rescind its internships just weeks before students were to begin gives employers insight into what to do—and not do—when weighing whether to walk back such offers.

Florida is blocked from enforcing a provision in its Individual Freedom Act prohibiting employers from holding workplace training that covers inclusion, equity and diversity.

Survey reveals 78 percent of hiring managers predict AI could cut internships and entry-level jobs. Here’s how AI integration is reshaping opportunities for new college graduates.

SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor Jr. shares advice for all career stages, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and skill-building, and the need for older workers.

Learn six practical tips for effective networking, including building genuine relationships, leveraging contacts and networking in person.

SHRM and the SHRM Foundation are launching the Skills-First Center of Excellence in 2025, which will show employers how to prioritize job applicants’ skills, talents, aptitudes and competencies over college degrees.

​Organizations must respond to the changing needs of the workforce by reskilling, upskilling or cross-skilling their employees to remain competitive and as a retention strategy, attendees at the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo 2023 were advised.

This guide explains how to assess the training needs of an organization and inventory employees' knowledge and skills.