Jim Link

Chief Human Resources Officer for SHRM

Jim Link is the Chief Human Resources Officer for the Society for Human Resource Management. With more than 315,000 members around the world, SHRM is the largest HR professional association in the world and the leading voice for matters related to workers and the workplace.

Jim’s career includes roles of increasing responsibility across a variety of industries and companies including General Electric, the Pillsbury Company, Porsche Cars, and Randstad. In his most recent role as CHRO for Randstad North America, he led a global team of 150 HR professionals who were instrumental in transforming the company into an award-winning, inclusive, and sustainable global leader.

Jim has served as a volunteer leader in several organizations including the SHRM Foundation Board, the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Human Capital Advisory Board, and the Human Resources Leadership Forum.

Jim holds undergraduate and master’s degree from Murray State University. Born and raised on a working family farm in western Kentucky, he currently resides in Atlanta and Alexandria, VA.

Jim is an adjunct instructor in the Executive MBA program at the University of Poznan (Poland) School of Economics and Business and the University of Liège (Belgium) Asia-Pacific campus in Taipei, Taiwan.


The physical workspace, culture and technology are critical elements in shaping EX. EX is a central driver for employee engagement, retention, and work performance.  What is Leadership’s role in tying it all together?

Jim Link, CHRO at SHRM delves into the critical role of HR in adapting to the rapid advancements in technology, focusing on the intersection of work, workers, and the evolving workplace. It emphasizes the need to adjust work structures, empower employees, and redefine workplaces in response to augmentation, automation, and AI. The presentation highlights AI's disruptive influence on business models, urging a strategic reevaluation of traditional paradigms. Attendees will explore HR's essential role in understanding and leveraging AI, emphasizing its importance in integrating AI into workforce and organizational strategies. The session promises dynamic discussions and insights, preparing participants to lead in AI adoption for organizational resilience and success.

The workforce, and the workplace, are changing at a pace faster than ever before, and to deliver maximum impact on results and effectively align teams and talent with the organization's strategic plans, leaders must deeply understand the business, focus strategically, understand how to influence change, and play a key role in solving business problems. Join this session to be able to thrive in the business environment of the future by exploring progressive ways to evolve and disrupt traditional business practices, while building the relationships and influence necessary to gain approval and executive support.

How you adapt will dictate the future of your success - explore where AI sits in your HR toolkit and ensure the technology can reach its full potential to prove its value to your business. Discover how AI technology is transforming HR processes and empower your leaders to embrace the change to cement your organization’s position as innovative and forward-thinking. Learn how to fully embrace AI as a helping hand, halting burnout of HR teams through reducing administrative tasks and freeing up time for meaningful work that our leaders strive for.

Human Capital Analytics (sometimes called Predictive Analytics) is fast becoming the means by which HR earns its seat at the decision-making table. Evidence-based HR starts with a clear and objective understanding of the relationship between data, information and knowledge followed by identifying, prioritizing and communicating the information which is most impactful in organizational decision making. This module explores how to gather and analyze pertinent HR metrics which have organization-wide implications including how to properly communicate those findings to drive better decision making.

The time for HR leaders to provide able support for CXOs is now. 4 Ps: People, Purpose, Productivity and Pricing have emerged as key issues for the C-suite in 2022, and looking towards 2023, reflecting a radical change in priorities as compared to the recent past. Considering this power shift that is likely to impact every facet of the workplace, this conversation will explore ways to leverage people strategy to augment business growth.

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As long as we have a heartbeat, polarizing topics will continue to exist both inside and outside of the workplace, leading to pain and division among colleagues, leadership, and even customers. The question is not if we deal with conflict, but how we as people and as organizations will handle it when we inevitably do. The problem is, no one has led the discussion about how to guide today’s workforce to remain civil when discussing polarizing topics… until now. With extensive experience in navigating organization-wide conflict, and influence over 362 million workers worldwide, SHRM’s Executive Voices are uniquely positioned to help all of us nurture civility in the workplace.


No stranger to the ups and downs of a divided workplace, through Civility Starts at Work, SHRM executives explore the impact of civility on work culture, and provide an outline for equipping employees to have candid, civil dialogue while supporting the mental health of all employees. Walk away with a strategic roadmap for facing the storm of conflict, gain insight on just how to measure and quantify people and strategy, and put your audience on a path to inspiring a more civil world.

In an era where the digital economy has given rise to new measures of global expansion, many companies find themselves unprepared to harness the wealth of talent at their fingertips. When we open up our organizations to a world of candidates - literally - we often lack the research and training that is needed to bridge international differences and build connections across the globe. Through the message of Untapped Talent, SHRM executives provide key strategies on tapping into previously overlooked talent pools, ensuring your workforce possesses the skills needed for success.


Learn how a global workforce is defined and what steps must be taken to become one, while gaining the tools needed to juggle this unprecedented growth. SHRM’s Executive Voices take decades of combined experience in people management and global expansion to bring you best practices for talent acquisition and retention in this new era of unparalleled opportunities.