Processing Timelines and Fees

Program Fees

SHRM's Exchange Visitor Program fees will be as follows:

Fees for New J-1 Applications

  • J-1 sponsorship fee – 15 business days - $2,110
  • Required SEVIS fee (effective June 24, 2019) - $220
  • Expedited processing – 5 business days (optional) - $800
  • J-2 dependent sponsorship for accompanying family members (if applicable) - $750

Fees for Ongoing J-1 Programs

  • Separate family application (for family members who will be joining a J-1 exchange visitor after the program has begun) - $750
  • Extension of an existing J-1 program within the maximum program duration - $725
  • Amendment of an existing J-1 program - $375
  • Replacement of a lost, damaged or stolen Form DS-2019 - $600
  • Required site visit** - $650
  • Expedited processing – 1-2 business days (optional) - $800

Processing Timelines

**A site visit fee is only necessary if a site visit is required per federal regulations prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility. This occurs in cases where annual revenue for the host organization is less than $3 million. Site visits that must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the initial notification of a required site visit must include expedited processing.

Refund Policy

Applications connected to SHRM's Exchange Visitor Program will be subject to the following refund policy:

  • New J-1 Sponsorship Applications: If an application is submitted to SHRM and is withdrawn or canceled by either the host organization or the participant for any reason prior to issuance of the DS-2019 form, the party responsible for paying the sponsorship fee will still be responsible for a fee equivalent to 50 percent of the standard processing fee. Refunds will be given only to the party responsible for paying the sponsorship fee. After the Form DS-2019 has been issued, no refund will be issued for any reason.
  • Applications for Additional J-1 Services: No refunds will be available after the application for the following have been submitted to SHRM: amendment of existing J-1 program; extension of existing J-1 program; separate family sponsorship request; required site visit; and Form DS-2019 replacement request.
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Current Clients and Participants

If you already have exchange visitor application or are already sponsored by SHRM or by the former Council for Global Immigration (CFGI), please visit our current clients and participants page to learn more about exchange visitor requirements and compliance items related to your sponsored program. You will also find information about cultural activities and international travel.

Program Forms & Documents

As you prepare for your journey to the United States, please consult the following orientation materials prepared by the U.S. Department of State and by SHRM.