Performance Improvement Plan (PIP #2)


To: [Employee Name]

From: [Manager/HR Representative Name]


Subject: Notice of Performance Improvement Plan

During the past month [specify dates if available], it has become increasingly evident that you have not been performing your assigned work in accordance with what is expected of your position as [job title]. You were counseled on this unacceptable performance on [list dates of all counseling and written warning sessions]. To date, significant improvement has not been made. [Company Name] values you as an employee, and it is our intent to make you fully aware of this situation and to assist you in improving your work performance. The responsibility to improve, however, is yours alone.

You are being placed on a written performance improvement plan. For the next [30,60, or 90] days, [date, 20__] to [date, 20__], your work will be closely monitored. You must demonstrate immediate improvement in the following areas:

[List plan details. Be specific about what needs to be improved. If possible, list objectives with specific deadlines on a separate sheet and attach it to the plan.]

[I or Your manager] will review your progress on each of the above items requiring improvement every [day or week and time of review]. Improvement must begin immediately and be maintained. If any objective of this improvement plan is not met at any time during the specified time frame, disciplinary action, to include separation from [Company Name], may occur. A decrease in performance after successfully completing the improvement plan may also result in dismissal from [Company Name] without the issuance of another warning or improvement plan.

I am available to discuss any issues or concerns you may have as you work through this plan.

Your signature acknowledges this discussion. It does not indicate agreement or disagreement with this plan.

_________________________                                           _________
Employee Signature                                                               Date

_________________________                                           __________
Manager/HR Signature                                                           Date

_________________________                                           __________
Witness Signature                                                                   Date



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Apply for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam today! Applicants now have the option to test from home.



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