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Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and other mental health impairments can rise to the level of disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act that require employers to make accommodations for workers with such conditions. These resources can help employers understand their obligations and address the mental health of their workers.

Member Resources

This article discusses ways employers can support employees' mental health in the workplace.

Careful planning and empathy in dealing with employees whose personal problems affect their work performance are useful tools that HR managers should have in their toolboxes.

This article provides an overview of employee assistance programs and covers EAP delivery models and program components, the role of human resource departments, recent trends in EAP services, legal and regulatory issues and more

Suggested actions employers can take to help reduce employee stress at work

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed every May since 1949.

Learn what it means to feel psychologically safe in the workplace.

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SHRM's HR knowledge Advisors offer guidance, real-life personal/professional experiences, and resources to assist our members with their HR-related inquiries.

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SHRM research finds a gap between employees’ and leaders’ perceptions of how mentally healthy workplaces are.

A Gallup poll reveals employee engagement dropped by 3 percent. Get expert insights and recommendations to boost workplace morale and productivity.

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