Melody Beuzelin

Senior Specialist, B2C Content Strategy & Creation

Melody Beuzelin is a multi-media storyteller dedicated to crafting engaging and impactful content for SHRM's diverse audiences, from executives and enterprise-level to HR professionals and students. Melody produces podcasts, videos, and written content for SHRM's flagship brands, including The AI+HI Project, Tomorrowist, All Things Work, People + Strategy and HR Daily.

In addition to supporting strategic efforts, she lends her extensive background of digital media, consumer engagement and acquisition, editorial, copywriting, and media production to create impactful messaging for various SHRM campaigns such as the ENX (Executive Network Experience), Women in Leadership Institute, the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo, Civility, Up at Night, and Mental Health Awareness.

With a keen understanding of artificial intelligence, tech, mental health, and the evolving business landscape, she is committed to disrupting “business as usual” through dynamic storytelling, inspiring positive transformation in the workplace.

Melody Beuzelin


Florida State University, B.A. Media Communications Studies, Psychology Minor

300+ Certified Yoga Instructor; Specialties in Yoga for the Trauma Informed


Honors & Awards:

1 ARDA Award for Best Customer Engagement Campaign
3 Platinum MarCom Awards for Special Edition Magazine
4 Gold MarCom Awards for B2B Communications and B2C Magazines
1 Silver Charlie Award for Magazine Feature Design
1 ARDA Award for Best PR/Communications Team
1 Gold PR Image Award for Crowd Sourcing & Social Media Campaign


Noteworthy Articles:

Are Organizations All Talk and No Walk When It Comes to Mental Health Benefits?
This article highlights the gap between companies' mental health benefits and employees' comfort in using them. Despite offering resources, many employees face obstacles like stigma, lack of awareness, and toxic work environments. SHRM data shows over half of workers feel insufficient mental health support. Effective support requires healthy workplaces and leaders who model and prioritize mental health. Organizations must address toxicity and ensure employees feel safe using mental health resources by fostering open communication and empathy.

The Mental Health Paradox of HR: Pouring from an Empty Cup
This article explores the mental health challenges faced by HR professionals, who often prioritize organizational needs over their own. Despite being responsible for employee well-being, HR staff frequently neglect their mental health, leading to stress and burnout. SHRM research indicates that many HR professionals struggle with managing expectations and masking emotions. Effective support requires leadership to provide resources, foster open communication, and create a supportive environment to mitigate these challenges and promote overall organizational health.

SHRM Executive Network Benefits Guide
This guide details the benefits of the SHRM Executive Network membership, emphasizing access to exclusive HR insights, research, and networking opportunities. Members can engage with expert analysis, attend private events, and connect with peers through forums and summits. The network aims to support HR leaders with cutting-edge resources and a community for collaboration and professional growth.